Animated Video Mockups Templates + Canva Masterclass by Angelique Duffield

Animated Video Mockups Templates + Canva Masterclass

Use the animated video mockups for your launches, announcing new services or offers, digital products + freebie promo graphics to share on social media, blog posts, emails, or on sale pages!

Save time and create computer or mobile mockups fast with these professional looking graphics, including step by step video tutorial.

If you're selling digital products + courses, using  these mockups on your sales pages and promo graphics will SHOW customers what they will get when they buy... helping them feel confident about purchasing your products.

They're also a great way to tease and built interest as a  preview of what's inside, perfect for sharing on social media or adding the gifs to your email newsletters.

In this collection you'll get instant access to:

  • 15+ mock-up designs that you can quickly customize in Canva
  • A variety of editable templates with computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and pages/sheets (including some you can download with a transparent background - perfect for your sales page or course content!)
  • Examples of real-life mock-ups and "sneak peek" graphics for inspiration
  •  Canva Masterclass training showing how to edit the templates, create your own brand style guide (even in the free account), and how to record your own "sneak peek" scrolling videos to insert into the mock-up layouts
  • Where to find more photo and design resources (including free ones)
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*NEW* More Canva Mock-Up Templates Added

Watch the short step by step video tutorial so you can customize the graphics with your own colours, fonts and images in minutes... 

and see how easy it is to record a scrolling video and insert into the computer or mobile mock-ups to give a sneak peek inside your course or ebook so these mock-ups are perfect on sales pages or social media to SHOW customers what they'll get inside.

This is an example of what you could create quickly + easily using these templates!

Super fast, intuitive drag + drop editing to customize these templates in Canva... no Photoshop or techy video editing required!

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Sneak peek anyone? Here's another Animated Video Mock-up Example!


You could create a sneak peek video graphic like this in minutes and post it on your sales page or social media to promote your course, digital product, masterclass/webinar, or freebie.
Yes, I want the templates!

You'll get instant access to the Canva templates...Plus a step-by-step Canva training video.

Simply open the template in your own Canva account, add your own branding colours and fonts, upload your own photos or videos (or choose from the stock photo library inside Canva), then export as a video.
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What's included?

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Intro + overview
Prep: What you'll need for your Canva design templates
Canva basics - Access the Canva tutorial videos + activities
Meet Your Course Instructor
Design Templates - Instant access!
Video Mock-ups Templates with Canva.png
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VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to customize Canva Video Mock-up Templates
BONUS: Stock photo libraries (free and paid options)


How will I access the templates?

You will get instant access to the Canva templates.

You'll need a Canva account (free version is fine, but I recommend Canva Pro for additional features).

Simply click the link and the template will open inside your Canva account.

I recommend making a master copy first.

What software to I need to edit the templates?

All of the templates are customizable in Canva.

You can use the free version of Canva to edit the templates, and there are lots of free stock photos, design elements, and animated gifs for you to choose from, and of course you can upload your own photos! You'll be able to download the animated video mock-ups you create as static images (.png or .jpg) or as videos (.mp4).

For even more awesome features, I recommend  upgrading to the Canva Pro account, including uploading your branding colours + fonts, lots more stock photos and design elements, "magic resize", and more...and you'll need Canva Pro for downloading files as .gifs (to insert into your email newsletter). 

You should know the basics of Canva to successfully update and edit this template. 

How can I use the template?

The template may be used for personal or commercial purposes.

If using the template for client projects, it must be provided to your customer as a finished UNEDITABLE file.

You CAN NOT sell the template, or claim it as your own original work.

Please be fair!

Can I get a refund if I don't like the Template?

Due to the digital nature of this template, all sales are final and not refundable.