Canva PDF Design Masterclass by Angelique Duffield

Canva PDF Design Masterclass

How To Easily Create A Beautiful, Professional-Looking  Workbook Or Ebook PDF In Canva
(even if you are using the FREE Canva plan!)

…Includes Bonus Training On How To Make Your Workbook Into A Fillable PDF Using A Free Tool
Resources For Stock Photos (Free+Paid), Design Elements And Free Canva Workbook Templates!! 


  • Coaches or course creators who want to create a professional-looking workbook or ebook to accompany their program.  
  • Anyone who wants to create a beautifully-designed ebook, workbook, worksheet or checklist as an opt-in freebie for their marketing funnel to grow their email list.  
  • If you've tried Photoshop or InDesign and think it's too challenging - you'll love creating workbooks in Canva!  
  • If you think you're not very good at graphic design - you'll still be able to easily create a workbook or ebook in just a few hours!  
  • If you are looking for design tricks... including how to make your workbook fillable FOR FREE!  
  • If you want access to free photo and design resources (so you can create beautiful graphics, workbooks, social media posts, and more), even if you use the free Canva plan too...then you'll want to grab this masterclass and bonus bundle!  

It's easy as 1...2...3!

  1. Plan it. 
  2. Design it.
  3. Share it.


  • Have created your brand style guide with your own logo, fonts, and brand colour (even if you only have a free Canva account!)
  • Understand the basics of using Canva, including uploading photos, selecting stock photos or design elements, layers, filters, exporting file types and more.
  • Have designed a gorgeous workbook or ebook
  • Have made your workbook into a fillable PDF
  • Know where to find free stock photos, design elements, and templates to use for your designs  
  • Feel confident that you can create a professional-looking workbook or ebook, even if you're not a graphic designer!
  • And you'll have a beautiful finished workbook or ebook that you can use as an opt-in freebie to grow your email list, sell as a digital info product, or to add value to your online course!

What's included?

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Canva PDF Design Masterclass
Welcome + Introduction
Meet Your Course Instructor
Canva PDF Design - Video Trainings
Canva PDF Design Masterclass
Bonus 1: Video Tutorial How To Make Your PDF Fillable With A Free Tool
Bonus 2: Video Tutorial How To Find Multi-Page Canva Layouts Or Use Your Own Design As A Template
Additional Resources for Stock Photos, Free Canva Templates + more


How will I access the Masterclass + bonuses?

You will get instant access inside a course dashboard, where you'll find your Canva PDF Design Masterclass video + bonus videos + resources guide.

You'll need a Canva account (free version is fine, but I recommend Canva Pro for additional features).

What software to I need to create my PDF ebooks, planners, workbooks and guides for this course?

The main PDF Design Masterclass shows how to design your ebooks, guides, planners, checklists and other PDFs using Canva.

You can use the free version of Canva to edit the templates, and there are lots of free stock photos, design elements, and animated gifs for you to choose from, and of course you can upload your own photos! You'll be able to download the animated video mock-ups you create as static images (.png or .jpg) or as videos (.mp4).

For even more awesome features, I recommend  upgrading to the Canva Pro account, including uploading your branding colours + fonts, lots more stock photos and design elements, "magic resize", and more...and you'll need Canva Pro for downloading files as .gifs (to insert into your email newsletter). 

There is a bonus section which shows how to create a fillable PDF using free software.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the course?

Due to the digital nature of this course, all sales are final and not refundable.

However if you have any issues accessing the videos or other resources, please contact me and my team will be sure to help you.


After payment you will create your account or login to the dashboard to get instant access to the Canva PDF Design Masterclass + bonus tutorial videos + bonus resources

Ready to get started and design your own gorgeous, professional looking PDFs in Canva?


Angelique Duffield

Web Designer, Online Strategist + Canva Design Templates Creator

I help coaches, speakers, VAs and solopreneurs create an irresistible online presence + attract more clients without tech or design overwhelm!